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Currency Data Connector

Xe Currency Data Connector

by Xe.COM

Solution Overview

The connector facilitates the importing of currency rates into Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Xe’s Currency Data API.

Imported rates are used in converting financial records in foreign currency and in foreign exchange gain/loss calculations.

The connector allows users to add a margin of their choice to the retrieved rates. It is easy and quick to implement.

With 25+ years of FX and currency experience, Xe’s Currency Data API provides real-time, accurate, and reliable currency exchange data for hundreds of global currencies. Xe’s proprietary rates are sourced directly from financial data providers and central banks.

Xe’s Currency Data API provides 220 global currencies, precious metals, select cryptocurrencies and rates published by central banks. The connector requires either a pre-existing account with Xe’s Currency Data API, or the creation of a new one.


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Key Features
  • Multiple currency rates – Rates for 220+ currencies, precious metals and cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to install – Simple and fast implementation
  • Add margin – complete currency conversions with or without margin
  • Latest rates – Accurate, reliable, up-to-date rates
  • Central bank rates – Selected central bank rates
Key Benefits
  • Save time and eliminate errors – no more manual data entry for currency values
  • One-time set-up
  • Incorporate margins – Easily adjust the rates and add a margin of your choice
System Requirements is compatible with both Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain & Business Central , however, the Xe Currency Data API can be consumed by any application with external web request capability.


The Xe Currency Data Connector is a free product. Access to Xe’s currency data API requires a subscription. Subscriptions vary depending on the intended need. For more information refer to:


Xe is the world’s leading currency authority since 1993 is proudly part of the Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT) family, who are recognized as formidable leaders in currency exchange.

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