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Master Data Management

Master Data Management
for Dynamics 365

by To-Increase

Solution Overview

Establish end-to-end master data control with configurable tools that help you create, validate, secure, and distribute master data in Dynamics 365 F&SCM.

To-Increase Master Data Management (MDM) Suite is a powerhouse of no-code solutions designed to help you simplify master data management, data creation, data quality, and data distribution in line with your company’s data governance program. It comprises Master Data Management Studio, Data Quality Studio, and Data Entry Workflow—all built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. MDM Studio is powered by Connectivity Studio, our rich application integration engine, that helps you connect your Dynamics 365 ERP with the rest of your business and synchronize data across applications, enabling a single source of verified, reliable data.

The MDM Suite of solutions have been designed to empower business users to easily control master data entry, data quality, field security, and data sharing, without the need for a developer. They help you streamline your data governance program by allowing you to set up a workflow for users to create, update, validate, or edit data, configure data quality rules, set up field security for master data records, define data owners, and control the distribution of data to your partners, customers, or vendors.


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Key Features
  • Centralize or de-centralize the management of master data by assigning its ownership to single or multiple legal entities, based on business or operational requirements.
  • Eliminate duplicate data by automating data quality and deduplication checks.
  • Ensure smooth processing of data entry by guiding users with only the fields they are responsible for and have a data steward or data owner approve the whole master/reference data record before releasing it.
  • Create different mappings for global data, regional data, and local data in case you do not want to share all the master data details with all companies/legal entities or systems.
  • Streamline the endless volumes of master data you receive daily by using dynamic staging tables to validate inbound data and receive it from a central inbox.
  • Implement field or record-level validation rules—which can be set conditional as per requirements—to ensure that the right values are entered.
  • Control the fields that are allowed to be edited in the global master data company with Dynamic Field Security feature. You can also control the fields available in local companies.
  • Enable non-technical users to easily create data entry workflow templates by selecting fields from standard application forms, without any need for in-depth technical knowledge.
Key Benefits
  • Empower data stewards to easily manage the creation, validation, quality, security, synchronization, and distribution of master data within and beyond Dynamics 365 F&SCM.
  • Improve operational productivity and enable business owners to take data-driven business decisions by eliminating poor data quality across departments, companies, and application landscapes.
  • Enable business users to seamlessly collaborate in the creation, update, and approval of master data records before they are released.
  • Ensure change requests for master data are put through the correct approvals to improve overall change trails and thereby compliance.
  • Ensure integrated data governance by providing a role-based and need-based workflow-driven structure in the management of master data.
  • Manage data centrally—with one master data management company at the helm; or de-centrally—by distributing ownership among various legal entities or companies.
  • Synchronize the central master data with different systems, companies, and applications securely.
  • Ensure data compliance with access to operational data of sufficient completeness, validity, accuracy, granularity and security.

System Requirements

To-Increase MDM Suite works on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. The system requirements for Dynamics 365 F&SCM apply to To-Increase MDM Suite. For more information, please click here

Solution Video (2 minutes)
Master Data Management Suite (2 minutes)
Master Data Management Entities
Master Data inbox
Master Record change request

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Your software cost depends on the number of companies or users inside Dynamics 365 F&SCM using our solution.
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