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Equipment rental software

DynaRent Solutions Suite
for Dynamics 365 F&SCM

by To-Increase

Solution Overview

To-Increase DynaRent Solutions Suite is an end-to-end rental software fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. It combines rental-specific operations with the capabilities of the standard solution in a single, cloud-based platform.

As a standard software solution, DynaRent reduces the time to value, enabling rental companies from multiple industries to benefit from pre-built rental processes.

 Standard software embedded in ERP offers streamlined, template-based processes that provide your organization with operation-wide consistency, reducing effort and complexity. It helps keep the cost down and future-proofs your business for expansion.

For rental companies, managing multiple systems is time-consuming. Manual processes can lead to errors and data loss. A complex mix of numerous tech systems is bound to burden the users, increase maintenance costs, slow down daily rental operations, and prove to be expensive in the long run.

DynaRent Solutions Suite optimizes rental operations and provides a unified view of data across the rental value chain, helping companies address all the above challenges. With DynaRent Solutions Suite, rental companies can automate and standardize day-to-day rental operations, maximizing equipment utilization, enhancing order efficiency, and improving the management of services and revenues.


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Key Features
  • Standard, Adaptable Suite: Choose functionalities that fit your business, from daily rental operations to complex planning and analytics.
  • Automated System: Eliminate paper trails and errors with auto-triggers, workflows, forms linked with customer records, and centralized data.
  • Service Management: Get an up-to-date visual overview of maintenance, utilization, and services. Generate tailored quotes and work orders directly from dashboards.
  • Equipment Management: Schedule maintenance and equipment availability accurately.
  • Transport Management: Ensure efficient equipment delivery with graphical planning tools. Integration with Dynamics enables planning across depots and multiple entities.
  • Add-on Solutions:
    • DynaRent Mobile App: Empowerfield engineers to perform maintenance on customer sites.
    • DynaRent Customer Portal: Give customers insights into rented equipment and equipment performance; offers real-time updates on pickups, deliveries, and equipment location.
    • Analytics for Rental and Lease: Enable better business-critical decision-making ability via industry-specific, end-to-end enabled analytics.
    • DynaRent for D365 Sales: Support the complete lead-to-cash workflow on a single platform. Enable the sales team to calculate accurate quotes and close deals faster.
    • Anywhere for Rental: Pick and ship rental orders, monitor mass returns, and report damages with a digital scanning solution. Deliver equipment to workers on job sites with rental shop functionality.
Key Benefits
  • Streamline processes and eliminate redundancies like the manual entry of data with a single, cloud-based solution to manage all rental operations.
  • Increase business efficiency by managing all rental and supply chain processes in one system. Maximize asset utilization with360-degree visibility into all assets.
  • Get real-time information witha global view of data across the rental value chain.
  • Improve service efficiency with DynaRent Mobile App and DynaRent Customer Portal
  • Efficiently manage multiple revenue streams and invoicing processes, including standard rental/leasing, pay-per-use/consumption-based, subscription-based/mixed model, sale of an asset, and project rental revenue
  • Monitor mass returns and manage assets with a scan-and-check capability. Ensure timely, accurate execution with graphical planning tools.
  • Speed up the sales process with an automated lead-to-cash sales and marketing solution and increase time to value with 70% pre-configured and documented procedures, templates, and tools.
  • Make informed business-critical decisions using analytics and business intelligence.

System Requirements

To-Increase DynaRent Solutions Suite works on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. The system requirements for Dynamics 365 F&SCM apply to DynaRent Solutions Suite. For more information, please click here

Solution Video (2 minutes)
DynaRent Add-on, Analytics for Rental and Lease (2 minutes)
DynaRent Rental Orders
DynaRent Service Plan Board
DynaRent Asset availability

Useful Resources
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DynaRent’s total cost includes the following:

  • Software licencing cost
  • Software implementation cost
  • Software support cost

The price may vary depending on several factors and different payment models. Please refer to the DynaRent Pricing Blog to explore prices in detail.

About To-Increase

Founded in 2005, To-Increase provides business software solutions to over 2200 mid-market and enterprise customers in over 45 countries. Our asset-centric solutions include engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and renting or leasing assets. We also deliver customer-centric solutions that help companies align technology with strategic goals, operate more efficiently, and provide their customers with the best possible experience. Across devices, business locations, and work environments, To-Increase’s offerings help companies master their unique requirements with standardized technology that is easy and economical to deploy and maintain.

To-Increase is the only three-time Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year award winner and offers an impressive portfolio of industry, business, and technical productivity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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