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AP & Invoice Process Automation

ExFlow – AP Automation

by SignUp Software AB
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Solution Overview

ExFlow is a best-in-class AP (Accounts Payable) Automation solution that extends the AP and invoice process capabilities inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Business Central by increasing the level of automation and streamlining the process. ExFlow is designed and developed to work with the standardized process inside D365 using invoice register and invoice approval. With ExFlow, the AP and invoice process is intuitive and easy to complete, without the need for customization of Dynamics 365. As an ISV solution, improvements and new functionality are regularly added to ExFlow and is made available to customers leveraging standard Microsoft upgrade (typically twice per year) and implementation technology. ExFlow does not require integration nor any duplication of data. ExFlow is built into Dynamics 365.

Through automation companies can lower their invoice process costs by up to 80% and according to research*, AP Automation will enable an organization to process an invoice 2.5x faster than manual processing.

*SourceArdent Partners – The State of ePayables, 2020


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Key Features
  • Invoice Scanning and Data Capture – all formats in one channel – paper, pdf, e-invoice or EDI.
    To automate invoice entry, ExFlow recommends ExFlow Data Capture, a proven OCR and invoice data capture solution.
  • Intelligent Pre-coding – Streamlined pre-coding through machine learning and RPA.
    ExFlow automates all phases in the AP process to streamline processing as much as possible. This includes leveraging interpreted invoice data to pre-code all invoices for AP.
  • Invoice Matching – Match invoices dynamically against contracts, POs, goods receipts and more.
    ExFlow is designed to automate invoice matching against multiple sources, including Purchase Orders, Contracts, Goods Receipts, Payment Plans and more. By automating approval, the invoice process is streamlined and AP-staff only need to manage exceptions and deal with discrepancies.
  • Invoice Approval Workflow – Dynamic invoice approval workflow on any device.
    ExFlow Approval Web enables end-users to approve invoice on the go, using any platform (smartphone, tablet or computer). This speeds up the approval process, enabling organizations to turnaround invoice approval rapidly.
  • Follow-up and Analytics – Stay in control with invoices process analytics at your fingertips.
    ExFlow provides out-of-the box access to Power BI Dashboards that include all necessary KPIs to track AP Automation performance through out the end-to-end invoice process.
Key Benefits
  • Increase and SCALE automation throughout the AP process – extend native capabilities in Dynamics 365 and increase efficiency in the process over time.
  • Remove significant administrative burden from AP, Logistics, Purchasing and Finance. Allow staff to focus on other, more value-adding tasks and initiatives.
  • Eliminate manual process of Invoice Data Entry.
  • Significantly reduce costs per transaction, reduce manual errors and mishandling cost and improve employee morale/job satisfaction.
  • Increase the speed of process to eliminate late payment fees and capture early payment discounts.
  • Single source of the truth and everything is done in real-time.
  • Provide a central document repository for all invoices.
  • Provide greater control and visibility on the purchasing and accounts payable process for finance, project management purchasing, and managerial staff.
  • Easily track, trace, and audit the purchasing and accounts payable process from end-to-end providing governance and transparency around the AP process. Real-time visibility into invoice status minimizes (even eliminates) time consuming supplier inquiries.

System Requirements

ExFlow is built into Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central and have no extra requirements on top of the Dynamics 365 requirements. Just download it from AppSource.

Solution Overview (1.5 minute video)
Contract Management in Business Central
Fraud Detection in Business Central

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ExFlow´s pricing have one main dimension and that is number of vendor invoices.

There are different prices if it´s ExFlow is used for Business Central or Finance & Operations.

ExFlow can be used with any Data Capture solution or if the customer chooses to outsource all Data Capture activities however SignUp recommends using ExFlow Data Capture and if that option is chosen it has two price levels – one with line interpretation and one without.

For further information please refer to enclosed price lists.

About SignUp Software

SignUp is a fast-growing software company that offers a comprehensive solution, ExFlow, for accounts payable automation built into Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP. The Company has established itself as a global player with several large companies as customers and several partnerships. SignUp was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Solna, Sweden with additional offices in Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, UK, and the USA.

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