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Advanced Inventory Count

Advanced Inventory Count

By Insight Works

Solution Overview

Advanced Inventory Count simplifies inventory and cycle counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools. You can significantly reduce count times and increase productivity by streamlining the counting process, including flexible count sheet generation, multi-user count entry, and integration with inventory barcodes. 

With robust reporting and reconciliation features, you can ensure accurate inventory accounting and finish inventory counts sooner, freeing up time for other important tasks. Say goodbye to long, exhausting inventory counts and go home earlier with Advanced Inventory Count. 


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Key Features
  • Simplified Count Process: Streamline inventory and cycle counts with comprehensive tools for data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis. 
  • Multi-User Count Entry: Accelerate manual data entry by enabling multiple users to input count data simultaneously, irrespective of count sheets or staff numbers. 
  • Flexible Count Sheet Generation: Customize count sheets to align with your company’s inventory counting methods for simplified processes. 
  • Inventory Barcode Integration: Enhance count efficiency by integrating with mobile warehouse data collection apps and automating inventory counts via barcode scanning. 
  • Supports All Location Configurations: Improve count efficiency for various warehousing configurations, reconciling by lot and serial number. 
  • Powerful Reporting & Reconciliation Features: Identify obsolete inventory, improper planning parameters, financial impact, and count errors quickly using robust reporting and reconciliation tools. 
  • WIP Counting: Automatically reconcile lot or serial number discrepancies, manage WIP, and integrate it with other counted inventory, posting consumption and adjustment entries. 
  • Recount Sheets: Establish formal recounts during full physical or cycle counts based on percentage, value, or quantity variance, tracking original count quantities and subsequent recounts. 
  • Journal Test Report: Identify potential posting issues, such as blocked items or missing groups, ensuring smooth journal posting without multiple retries. 
Key Benefits
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Save time and effort by streamlining the inventory counting process, making it more efficient and accurate. 
  • Accurate Inventory Tracking: Ensure all inventory is accounted for, including WIP, reducing the risk of discrepancies and errors. 
  • Faster Data Entry: Enable multiple users to enter count data simultaneously, speeding up the data entry process and improving overall efficiency. 
  • Customized Counting Experience: Tailor count sheets to match specific counting needs, resulting in more accurate and efficient counts. 
  • Quick Discrepancy Resolution: Rapidly identify and resolve inventory discrepancies with robust reporting and analysis tools. 
  • Seamless Barcode Integration: Enhance the speed and accuracy of inventory counting by integrating with barcode systems and data collection devices. 
  • Improved Item Tracking: Automatically reconcile differences in lot numbers and serial numbers, minimizing manual entry and reducing errors. 
  • Adaptable to Various Location Configurations: Accommodate different warehouse configurations, making the inventory counting process more efficient regardless of the location setup. 
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System Requirements

Warehouse Insight is available for the following versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV: 

  • Dynamics NAV 2013 
  • Dynamics NAV 2015 
  • Dynamics NAV 2016 
  • Dynamics NAV 2017 
  • Dynamics NAV 2018 
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise 
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud 


The Advanced Inventory Count app by Insight Works is licensed based on a per-company model, rather than a per-user model. For specific pricing information, Microsoft Partners should contact Insight Works directly. 

About Insight Works

Insight Works, an established ISV, develops applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, focusing on manufacturing and distribution industries. Our apps enhance functionality and efficiency, supported by a global network of 400+ Microsoft Partners. With offices in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to customers and partners worldwide. 

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