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Gamification for Dynamics 365 CRM


by Inogic

Solution Overview

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ Thanks to Gamifics365, business organizations can create an enriching working environment for employees by introducing Gamification in their CRM.

Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through gamification and engaging games and activities. It provides a medium to create appealing games to encourage healthy competition between both individuals and teams combined. These games help to ignite the competitive spirit of CRM users and motivate them to achieve over and beyond their individual capabilities. The daily stressful routine work can be converted to something livelier and fun with this gamification app resulting in higher productivity and better business growth rate.


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Key Features
  • Improve Dynamics 365 CRM Adoption: Users may take a while to get adapted to various intrinsic features of Dynamics 365 CRM. By gamifying Dynamics 365 CRM, users will be engaged on a higher level making the adoption of CRM quite easy for them.
  • Give instant Recognition with Badges & Rewards: Create customized badges and rewards for the game winners of the games. Each game can have its own set of specialized awards for the winner.
  • Monitor Performance through Scoreboards & Leaderboards: Track and monitor scores in real-time without any impact on CRM usability and performance through personalized scoreboards and Leaderboards.
  • Boost connectivity with Gamifics365 Mobile App: Place and time should not be a hindrance while playing games. With the Gamifics365 mobile app, users can join games and review the performance of other players with just a flick of their fingers from anywhere at any time.
  • Manage and create a variety of games: Create and manage different types of games, like Face-off, Race, and Challenge that can be played at both individual and team levels.
Key Benefits
  • Improve productivity and profitability with engaging games and activities
  • Motivate users with instant awards and recognition
  • Encourage team spirit through team games.
System Requirements
  • Supported versions: Dynamics 365 CE v9.1 and above
  • Supported Deployment type: Online
Solution Overview (9-minute video)
Different types of Games & Badges
Game Rules & Targets
Personalized Scoreboards

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About Inogic

Inogic, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leading Microsoft Dynamics ISV since 2007, has an exclusive focus on providing innovative apps and services for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform solution. Their innovative products (5-star rated Preferred Apps on Microsoft’s AppSource) and services help organizations enhance their Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform user experience, enabling them to transform their businesses and achieve a higher return on their CRM investment.

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