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HR solution for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 HCM suite

by FourVision

Solution Overview

FourVision’s Dynamics 365 Human Capital Management (HCM) suite is the most complete HR solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users.

Designed by experts in IT and HR, it takes the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics core HR solution and embeds extra functionalities that support the full employee lifecycle: from hire to retire.

It offers powerful functionalities in all the most important areas of HR, such as Talent Management, Employee Experience, Payroll and Workforce Planning.

FourVision’s Dynamics HCM suite can help:

  • Structure HR processes and data
  • Save time with administrative tasks
  • Transform employee experiences

FourVision is a Microsoft certified and endorsed partner, working for over 14 years to develop scalable and secure solutions, that automate and streamline HR processes for businesses around the globe.


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Key Features
  • Onboarding – Set up employees for long-term success, covering not only onboarding, but cross-boarding and offboarding.
  • Document Management – Be able to store any kind of document in a structured, easy and secure way.
  • HR Request – An application that brings everything together. It deals and organizes requests from recruitment needs to payroll changes and more.
  • Time and Expenses – Be able to register employee’s time and expenses in order to monitor efficiency.
  • Performance Management – Track employees, managers and teams performance with easy goal-setting, reviews and 360 feedback.
  • Succession Planning – Identify your future leaders. It includes 9 and 16 box talent grids, helps identify key positions, lack of skills and flight risk assessment.
  • Workforce Planning – Anticipate tomorrow’s recruitment demands with future position forecast, assets and personnel optimization.
  • Payroll Interface – An interface that seamlessly integrates your payroll provider with Dynamics 365.
Key Benefits
  • Increase efficiency – A suite that works together as one, so no more multiple tabs open.
  • Save time and be strategic – Let the system help you run the administrative part of HR.
  • Future proof – Continuous updates that won’t leave you behind with the new HR trends.
  • Secure data – The suite is easy to implement, fully integrated and your data secured within Microsoft’s Dataverse.
  • GDPR compliancy – Data not only secured, but kept away from undesirable eyes.
System Requirements
  • Works on all major internet browsers
  • Mobile-ready
  • Only available for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Pricing is based on the total number of workers (= employees + contractors):

Number of workersPrice per worker
< 500£ 1.35
< 1.000£ 0.95
< 2.000£ 0.70
< 5.000£ 0.60
< 10.000£ 0.50
> 10.000£ 0.40

The estimation can be calculated as follows:

  • Step 1: Determine the size of the organisation.
  • Step 2: Define the price per worker.
  • Step 3: Multiply the total number of workers with the right price per worker  

The number of workers will be kept in the HR module of Dynamics 365 F&O and will be used, by all the Web Apps, to calculate the total number of workers.

About FourVision

FourVision is a different kind of technology company. One that puts people first.

As the first Microsoft partner solely focused on the HRM module of Dynamics 365, they developed a wide range of solutions to build the strongest end-to-end HR experience for Dynamics 365 users.

From hire to retire, they’ve got you covered.

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