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Data Migration, Integration & Replication Tool

DQ Studio™ 

by DQ Global

Solution Overview

DQ Studio™ is a powerful, highly customisable data Integration, Migration, Replication and Master Data Management (MDM) Engine. 

Using DQ Studio businesses benefit from: 

  • Increased Efficiency: DQ Studio™ automates the ETL process of data extraction, transformation, and loading, which saves significant time and effort compared to manual methods, enabling faster decision-making. 
  • Improved Data Quality: DQ Studio™ ensures data consistency, accuracy, and completeness by validating and cleansing the data during the transformation process. This leads to improved data quality and reliability, which is essential for making informed business decisions. 
  • Cost Savings: DQ Studio™ can help reduce the costs associated with manual data integration and replication, avoiding the costly rework associated with correcting potential errors or inaccuracies, and savings on cloud data storage 
  • Scalability: DQ Studio™ is designed to handle large amounts of data and can scale to meet the growing needs of any business. This scalability enables businesses to process larger volumes of data as they grow and expand, without the need for significant additional resources. 
  • Integration with other technologies: DQ Studio™ may be integrated with other technologies to enhance the capabilities of business applications and deliver even greater value to any business.


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Key Features

  • No Code/Low Code highly configurable process automation solution.  
  • Get up to speed quicker, which shortens time to value.
  • Ships with 100’s of pre-built, file, databases and application connectors, all of which share the same familiar SQL Syntax, to access data. So no time consuming learning curve.
  • Reduces project risk by having pre-built: connectors, activities, conditions and actions to orchestrate business processes fast.
  • Rapid development, testing and prototyping capabilities.
  • Full audit trails so you know immediately if there are any migration or integration issues.
  • Delivers customer data cleansing including:
    • International address verification
    • Email validation, formatting and deliverability checking
    • Phone validation, formatting and dial-ability checking
  • Enables Single Customer View (SCV), Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) projects.
  • Can be integrated with Visual Studio for the ultimate in extensibility.
Key Benefits

In today’s data-driven world, having accurate and up-to-date information about customers is crucial for the success of any business. 
Higher-quality customer data not only helps companies better understand their target audience but also provides valuable insights that can drive growth and improve customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of higher-quality customer data within an organization can be felt in every part of a business, below are the departments who benefit the most:

  • Sales: Higher quality customer data can help sales teams better understand their target audience, leading to more effective and personalized sales pitches, and ultimately, higher close rates. 
  • Marketing: With better customer data, marketers can segment their audience and tailor their campaigns to specific groups, resulting in more effective marketing and a higher return on investment. 
  • IT: Improved customer data can help IT teams better understand customer behaviour and preferences, leading to the development of more effective and user-friendly software and applications. 
  • Operations: Better customer data can help operations teams optimize their processes and better understand customer needs, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  • Finance: Accurate customer data can improve financial forecasting, allowing finance teams to make more informed decisions about budgets and investments. 
  • Logistics: With accurate customer data, logistics teams can better predict demand and optimize their supply chain, leading to reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction. 

With better customer data, businesses make better decisions, serve their customers better, differentiate themselves from their competition  and ultimately have better business outcomes. 

System Requirements

Works on all major internet browsers. For optimum user experience, please use a PC, laptop, rather than a mobile device

Installation Prerequisites: 

To run DQ Studio™, your computer must meet the following criteria

  • OS – Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2008/2019 and higher
  • .NET Framework 4.8 and higher (Required) – installed by the setup program if not present or no higher version available
  • IIS7 and above (optional, DQ Studio™ includes its own web server) 
  • ASP Net 4.x or above must be activated in windows for using DQ Studio™ Desktop, Host Service (Check Windows Features installed) or IIS 

Installation Notes:

  •  The following may be required to be configured depending on the target machine platform: 
  • Due to UAC, and File permissions in Windows, it will be required to run the Installer “As Administrator” to perform the installation process. 


Feature Team 
Description DQ Studio Team edition includes all key features of DQ Studio for the rapid development and deployment of projects for up to 5 users. 
Number of Users 
Number of Projects Unlimited 
Number of Connectors 20 
Web Server Support Host Service/IIS 
DQ Studio Web API Yes 
Scheduler Service Yes 
Job Monitor Yes 
Project database support Embedded/SQL Server 
Hosting Yes (Option) 
Software Escrow No 
Competitive Upgrade N/A 
DQ Activities, actions, conditions and MRM Modules Included 
Annual £20,000.00  
Monthly (Min 3 Months) £2,000.00  
Transactions based on DQ Credits Consumed See DQ Credits Fees 
Case Choose the casing per field £0.001 £1.00 
Compare Score the similarity between fields £0.001 £1.00 
Congruence Check that data is congruent e.g. the guest name matches the email, or the phone number matches the country £0.002 £2.00 
Derive Derive values like, Gender from Name or Country from Phone, Address, Email etc. £0.002 £2.00 
Format Standardize the data attributes to a common form e.g. Phone #, email or website.  £0.003 £3.00 
Generate Generate a pattern or phonetic token on the input data fields £0.004 £4.00 
Parse Split the data into its constituent elements £0.002 £2.00 
Transform Transform the data attributes to a common form e.g. USA or United States to US, or Road to Rd.  £0.003 £3.00 
Validate Validate that the pattern of a value is correct e.g. phone or email £0.002 £2.00 
Authenticate Email Ping test for deliverability to a mail server 35 £0.035 £35.00 
Authenticate Phone Line test for phone number dialability  51 £0.051 £51.00 
Verify Address Verify and correct to international postal standards 52 £0.052 £52.00 
Suppress (Deceased) Flag as a deceased person (UK) only 270 £0.270 £270.00 
Suppress (Gone Away) Flag as a no longer at the given address i.e. a gone away person (UK) only 188 £0.188 £188.00 

About DQ Global

At DQ Global, we aim to help our clients unleash the full potential of their customer data.

DQ Global’s team of data experts and cutting-edge technology are dedicated to helping you turn customer data into actionable insights that drive better business outcomes.

Our innovative approach to data management and analysis combined with the latest technology provides you with the insights you need to improve customer experience, increase sales, and make data driven business decisions.

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