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CRM solution for Financial Institutions

VeriTouch | Customer Engagement (CRM)

by Veripark

Solution Overview

VeriTouch is a vertical Customer Engagement (CRM) solution built o​n top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices that enable financial institutions to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journey.

​VeriTouch consolidates data from the organization’s back-end systems and digital channels. It provides a unified front end with standardized processes to serve customers efficiently; streamlined and tailored solutions to solve customer’s concerns and address their needs; recommendations and guided selling tools to deliver relevant and differentiated offers to customers. ​​

  • Invaluable Customer Insight: VeriTouch brings together all customer information into one place enabling you to transform the vast and disparate stores of data into actionable insight.
  • Increased Profitability: VeriTouch enables you to focus and fine-tune your marketing efforts and target only those individuals with the greatest potential of future cross-sell / up-sell opportunities.
  • Greater Visibility: VeriTouch real-time dashboards and reporting allows teams to gather insights into their performance and to drive improved process effectiveness and employee productivity.
  • Improved Collaboration: By better streamlining processes and securely enabling the quick and easy sharing of information among different teams, VeriTouch is able to enhance sales and service efficiency resulting in higher satisfaction and customer loyalty.


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Key Features

Single View of Customer

  • The Single View displays the customer’s current product holdings as well as potential cross-sell and up-sell products and targeted offers
  • Visual indicators display customer’s relationship status, and an alerts engine provides insight into key areas that need attention
  • Delinquency and collections history, as well as pending complaints and requests provide cues to the required follow-ups.

Sales Management

  • Automating the full sales cycle of different products from prospect stage to fulfilment
  • Prospect capturing, assignment and conversion
  • Sales pipeline dashboard, performance monitoring and reporting

Marketing & Campaigns

  • Increase offer relevance to customers with personalized and targeted offers
  • Encourage higher conversion and offer acceptance rate by reaching customers on their channel of preference
  • Reduce churn rate using dynamic and retention offers to offer the right product at the right time
  • Reduce turn-around time and increase conversion rate with automatic fulfilment capability

Complaints & Service Requests

  • Capturing complaint and service requests with structured entry of details
  • Routing & Assignment
  • SLAs and Escalations

Contact Centre

  • A unified front end for contact centre agents with transactional and next best action capabilities
  • Handling inbound calls using 360-degree view of the customer and Knowledge Base while using transactional capability to fulfil customer transactions, complaints, or service requests
  • Outbound calls for marketing offer, satisfaction surveys, collection calls, and call back requests with auto-dial support

Enrolment & Account Opening

  • End-to-end customer enrolment process starting from identity & KYC verifications
  • Straight-though, paperless processing
  • Background checks on the customer

Private Banking/Wealth Management

  • Investor Profiling, Sales & Prospect Management
  • Banking & investment products
  • Household & Investor 720

Next Best Action Analytics

  • Support for context-based action suggestion such as when an event or a transaction takes place
  • Recommendations are generated on ‘what to do next’ with the customer in context, based on a pre-defined logic
Key Benefits
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Reduce TAT and Cost of Servicing
  • Improve Cross-Sell Ratio
  • Provide Single View of Customer
  • Improve Sales Team Efficiency
  • Reduce Cost of Client Acquisition
  • Improve Marketing Efficiency
  • Improving Customer Experience

System Requirements

Bank users can access the recommended GUI based on UCI (Unified Client Interface) Apps called as model-driven apps with the most recent versions of these popular browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (recommended: Chromium-based Edge)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (not recommended)

Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets mobile app on your iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices, or you can use your tablet’s web browser to run the model-driven apps as long as your device has sufficiently high screen resolution.

No additional software are required. It runs only on the browser without any installable components required.

Solution Overview (5-minute video)
Clone multiple records in one click
Create multiple copies of a single record
Copy related child records from one record to another

Useful Resources
Product Website


Pricing varies based on the complexity of the project being undertaken.

The actual cost of implementation and customization depends on the scope of engagement. The licenses are computed using incremental approach wherein the number of users is spread across below slabs to compute the total license price (i.e., cascading in nature wherein the total users’ licenses required are broken down into each given slab and respective slab pricing are applied on users falling under each slab and then the total license price is arrived. For example, for 190 users, first 100 users license will be calculated using prices in slab “Up to 100” and remaining 90 users license will be calculated using license price is slab “101 to 200”. Then these two calculated license values should be added to arrive at total license value for 190 users).

 Please contact our Sales Team for further information.

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