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Cost-effective Email Data Storage



Solution Overview

Did you know that sometimes up to 70% of the Dynamics 365 database consists of e-mail content and documents stored as notes or attachments?

Thanks to AttachmentExtractor there is a simple way to reduce your file and data capacity consumption in Dynamics 365. The tool copies or moves the content to either Microsoft’s SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage, releasing valuable space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data storage. The extraction process is fully transparent so users will see no difference when accessing the files.

Capabilities at a glance

  • Save money – reduce storage costs by moving notes, attachments and e-mail content to an alternative storage
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • SharePoint (Supporting Dynamics 365 document management settings)
  • Transparent – No difference when accessing extracted content for your users
  • No SharePoint permissions required – to access moved content
  • Speed up migrations and upgrades – less data to migrate across

Custom extraction rules:

  • Only touch e-mails related to certain entities (Whitelist) or block entities (Blacklist)
  • Set up a scheduler to perform tasks, e.g. extract weekly, daily, etc.
  • Define extraction of archive data based on date/time values, e.g. older than X years


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Key Features
  • SharePoint integration: Fully integrated to SharePoint. E-mail attachments and notes can be automatically extracted to the correct document location. If a location is missing, our tool will create it for you
  • AzureBlobStorage: AttachmentExtractor supports AzureBlobStorage (ABS) for storing large amounts of documents, as well as e-mail content
  • No change in Dynamics 365 UI: The extraction process is fully transparent. So, users will not notice any differences when accessing the extracted content
  • Archiving: AttachmentExtractor allows to define archiving options, e.g. only move content that is older than 2 years
  • Blacklist / Whitelist: Set up the service to touch only emails related to certain entities (Whitelist) or block certain entities from being touched by the service.
  • Extract e-mail attachments and notes: Save file capacity by extracting e-mail attachments or note content to either SharePoint or AzureBlob
  • Extract e-mail content: Save data capacity by moving e-mail content from Dynamics 365 (DataVerse) to Azure Blob
  • Scheduler: Set up a schedule for the service to be active, e.g. extract only at the weekend, or extract only from midnight to 5am.
Key Benefits
  1. Save money and data storage by moving e-mail attachments, notes and e-mail content to an alternative storage

2. Transparent: No difference when accessing extracted content for your users

3. Cost reduction:

  • Data capacity: 40 USD per GB per month
  • File capacity:  2 USD per GB per month


  • SharePoint: 0,20 USD per GB per month
  • AzureBlob:  0,00081 USD per GB per month

4. Simple and intuitive configuration options: The service setup allows the definition of all extraction parameters, storage locations and storage options, as well as connections to SharePoint or AzureBlob

5. AttachmentExtractor removes irrelevant items via an attachment size or name filter (e.g. Twitter gif).

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System Requirements
  • AttachmentExtractor is available for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, PowerApps Online, and on-Premise CRM 2011 up to Dynamics 365 V9.X 
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