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Training Material Creation Software


by ClickLearn

Solution Overview

ClickLearn is the market-leading platform for achieving rapid user adoption by creating user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software.

With ClickLearn, you can say goodbye to manual production and updates. Our Digital Adoption Platform lets you auto-produce and updates your training content and documentation automatically with every new software update.

Simply go through your business process once and ClickLearn will deliver it in 7 different learning formats: Written instructions in HTML, Word and PDF, full-screen PowerPoint presentations, digitally narrated videos, 2 interactive learning videos and a virtual assistant that guides the user on-screen in the live system. It also features automated written and narrated support in +45 languages for all your global users!

ClickLearn even auto-upgrades all your learning materials to newer or changed product versions with a click of a button.
On-boarding and creating learning materials has never been easier!


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Key Features
  • Record – At the core of ClickLearn is its unique recording technology, that understands your actions within the underlying business system. ClickLearn has the only recording experience that enables you to both record a full process in one go as you go through your process.
  • Edit – ClickLearn delivers a single editing process for all your content, whether you are adding notes, annotated screenshots, or chapters to your recordings. If you make changes to the appearance of your templates, ClickLearn applies these changes across your entire project.
  • Replay – ClickLearn is the only onboarding solution that supports automated replay when your business system changes. This allows you to effectively align your learning materials to the current version of your business system, at the click of a button.
  • Publish – ClickLearn is designed to provide the most robust and easy-to-use publishing available. By default, your recorded content is deployed into a full eLearning portal with videos, written instructions, full search capabilities and built-in tracking.
  • Guide – Every single recording in ClickLearn is automatically converted into a virtual assistant that guides the user within the live system. The assistant works across applications and delivers a seamless experience for the end-user.
Key Benefits
  • Save 80% time on your training content production – ClickLearn captures complicated work processes and automates the production of training material and documentation by writing the user instructions with screenshots for you.
  • Low maintenance on software upgrades – Automatically update your training material incl. screenshots when changes are made to your business systems.
  • 7 learning formats – Produce user instructions in multiple formats (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, interactive videos, ClickLearn Assist)
  • Localization for global expansion – Localize your content into more than 45 languages with a single click
  • Performance support – Deliver on-screen guidance live inside your business systems, providing instant help to end-users without having to call the help desk or read through manuals.
  • 24/7 eLearning portal – Publish your work instructions as a full eLearning portal, targeted to your audiences and available 24/7 on all devices.
  • Cross-system guidance – User instructions are fully supported, from Microsoft Office to your suite of internal/external websites or windows applications.
  • Less than a day of implementation – Easy to get started, no complexity and no infrastructure required.

System Requirements

ClickLearn is a Windows application that is installed on the author’s PC’s and laptops. To record processes the application must be installed on the machine making the recording. The application can be installed on virtual machines as well.

Solution Overview (1-minute video)
Digital Adoption Platform and various features
Recording feature
Learning Portal with auto produced training content from Dynamics 365
Useful Resources


Pricing varies based on feature requirements, number of authors and number of end-user.

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About ClickLearn

At ClickLearn, we rethink corporate learning and documentation.

Our mission is to make partners and organizations more successful with their business software investments.

The result is our user-friendly, ClickLearn learning platform. It enables you to capture your work processes in popular business software.

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