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Centralised Content Storage

AXtension® Content Gate


Solution Overview

Find all relevant content in a split second, regardless of storage location.

In a typical organization, business critical content is stored in multiple locations including file-shares, email boxes or decentralized SharePoint environments. This leads to information gaps since there is no centralized solution for all relevant content related to your business processes. Moreover, even if content is stored in one centralized system it is not possible to get an integral overview of all related content, especially not across multi-Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. This is exactly where AXtension® Content Gate delivers. Seamlessly connecting across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform, both CRM and ERP, providing one single point of truth for content and assuring all relevant stakeholders are looking at and working with the same content related to your business processes.


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Key Features

A single source of truth for content

  • One single screen – for filtering and seeing all related content
  • Precent costly mistakes by using the correct version
  • Role-based views – enable you to have all relevant content at your fingertips from anywhere in your Dynamics 365 ERP environment.

Easy and accessible

  • Smooth and intuitive design – easy and fun to work with
  • drag ‘n drop capabilities – easily add new content
  • Automated content generation and storage – with Power Platform (Power Apps or Power Automate flows) integration
  • In-browser document preview – review documents directly from Dynamics 365
  • Seamless integration to Azure Active Directory – making it highly secure
  • Role-based security – allowing you to see all relevant content to you

Content Management evolved

  • Define exactly who can view, add, edit or delete content – be in control of content authorization
  • Manage access and availability of content – across multiple Dynamics 365 business applications
  • Design entity models and role-based views – aligned with Dynamics 365 for a single source of truth
  • Define exactly which storage to use for which type of documents – make cost-effective decisions
Key Benefits

Save time

  • Create a single point of truth for the content in your organization across Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, by having all relevant content displayed in one overview, in one click.

Save money

  • Create a single procedure for storing content related to your business processes in a fast and convenient way.
  • Choose the storage system that best supports your documents requirements.

Only the best

  • Add content by simply dragging ‘n dropping it to AXtension® Content Gate, or even automatically store content by utilizing the API with the built-in integrations with the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Secure your files and grant access to documents based on the role within the organization.

Fun to work with

  • AXtension® Content Gate allows you to preview your documents directly in your browser. Its intuitive and smooth design is a pleasure to work with.
  • Content you can rely on
  • Provide a single point-of-truth for all content while seamlessly connecting across Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Finance and Supply Chain Management, preventing costly mistakes.
System Requirements

AXtension® Content Gate works on Dynamics365 Cloud platform, both ERP (Finance & Supply Chain Management) and CRM (Customer Engagement)

Solution Overview (Video)
AXtension® Content Gate – Detailed Solution Overview (16 minutes)

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About AXtension

AXtension is an Independent Software Vendor founded in 2007 and is located in The Netherlands. With a team of experts, we continuously add value to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform by ensuring our customers stay one step ahead.

AXtension solutions, stand alone or in any combination, makes users more effective. With over 700 customers and 950 implementations, AXtension has proven to enhance Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management and Customer Engagement Platforms for businesses worldwide. And that is something we are extremely proud of.

We provide solutions for:

  • Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
  • Document management
  • Planning & Control
  • Shipment Integration
  • Privacy Protection.

All of our solutions are easy to implement, simple to use and 100% extensible.

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