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GYDE365-Discover Future Roadmap

This roadmap is our vision for the future based on what we know today and will be subject to regular changes and updates. It is intended to be an indication of the direction of travel for GYDE365-Discover, rather than a guaranteed list of future enhancements. We encourage partners to help us shape our future roadmap. Please speak to your Seer 365 Partner Success Manager to share and discuss your ideas.

Content Release Plan

We’re continually adding new content for our Partners to use in their Surveys.

Below is a list of soon to be arriving Surveys for GYDE365-Discover:


Details of new features, functionality and content in upcoming releases of products from Seer 365 outline our general product direction. They are intended for informational purposes only and do not represent a commitment, guarantee, obligation, or promise to deliver any new feature, functionality or content by any particular date. The development, release and timing of any new features, functionality or content is at the sole discretion of Seer 365.

Do not make commercial decisions based on the contents of the information provided above without first seeking further clarification from your Seer 365 Partner Success Manager.