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Customer Classification


Dynamics 365 offers multiple fields against a customer record for the purposes of organisation, classification, and reporting.

The data held in these classifying fields are completely user-defined, and do not directly drive any functionality within the system. This means that the data and usage of these fields is highly adaptable to the requirements of the business, and can be adjusted over time.


The segment field is generally used for marketing purposes, to organise and divide customers into their respective market segments.

Common customer segments include demographics like age, gender, occupation. As well as behavioural segments such as average order value, order frequency, and consumer habits.

Company chain

The company chain field is used to reflect customers which are subsidiaries of a larger customer or group. For example, LinkedIn, Yammer and Skype are all owned by Microsoft. Therefore, their customer account records in Dynamics 365 could have a company chain value of “Microsoft”.

While this field is mainly for informational purposes only, we can filter reports or marketing campaigns based on this information.


The district field on a customer account allows for an additional opportunity to organise customers geographically, beyond their delivery and invoice address.

For example, we could populate this field with “North”, “South”, “East”, and “West”. This could then be used to filter reports and marketing campaigns for specific regions.

Line of business

The line of business field allows for additional classification of customers based on the products or services that the customer offers. This field can then be used to filter reports, campaigns, or pages.