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Production floor execution interface


The production floor execution interface can be configured to allow workers to clock in and out only, for time and attendance purposes, or to clock in and out as part of their duties when starting and completing production jobs. As it is browser-based, it can be run on tablets, handheld devices, smartphones, desktop computers or industrial terminals and is designed to be portable and touch-friendly.

This is achieved via Production control > Setup > Manufacturing execution > Configure production floor execution, where the ability to set up various views each with a customised set of tabs can be configured. When the production floor execution interface is opened for the first time on each device, the specific view can be selected. For example, the ‘ClockINOut‘ view allows the worker to clock in and out only and the ‘Advanced’ view has multiple options and tabs that will be visible to the worker:

The Design tabs button is used to select from a list which options will be available on this device:

the worker would typically clock in with their badge ID or personnel number and there is also the option to select whether the worker needs to enter a password. For the ClockINOut view this is all the worker would see:

With the Advanced view, once the worker has clocked in they would be presented with something similar to the below. Notice the tabs along the top (All jobs, Active jobs, My machine) and the various indirect activities on the left (Break, Activity, Leaving) and other options and information on the right (Start job, Bundle, etc.) with a list of all the potential jobs that can be worked on in the centre:

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