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Batch attributes


Batch attribute functionality allows additional information to be applied to each batch of raw material or finished goods. These attributes are custom defined and can contain any information that may be required. For example, a cheese manufacturer may have batch attributes for their finished cheese products such as fat content and percentage weight; and the raw material of milk may have batch attributes including moisture percentage, age and viscosity.


In Dynamics 365, the batch attributes can be setup via Product information management > Setup > Categories and attributes > Batch attributes with one of the following types:

  • String – can hold a phrase or free text entry
  • Integer
  • Fraction
  • Enumerate – a list of values
  • Date

Against each batch attribute various criteria can be specified such as minimum and maximum allowed values, a tolerance action which specifies whether a value outside of the min /max will be prevented or a warning given, increments of values allowed, and a target value.

Fig. 1

Once the batch attributes have been created, they are applied to products via the Batch attributes > Product specific button in the Manage stock action pane of Product information management > Products > Released products. This will bring through the default values set in Fig. 1 but they can be overridden to set the acceptable range of valid values for each product:

When working with batch attributes the following should also be considered:

  • Batch attribute groups can be created and applied to the products so that multiple attributes can be assigned rather than assigning each attribute individually
  • In addition to Product specific attributes, Customer-specific attributes can be applied to the products as some customers may have different minimum and maximum tolerances. When the Customer-specific attributes have been created it is also possible to ensure the correct batches are reserved for the sales order based on the customer attribute requirements.
  • For items where quality orders are used to determine batch acceptability, the quality order results can be used to update the batch attributes. The setup for the quality order can indicate if batch attributes should be updated.

Some examples of batch attributes could be:

IndustryExample of Batch Attributes
Chemical & PharmaceuticalPotency, Purity, Concentration etc.
Food & BeverageFat Content, Percentage Weight, Moisture, Age
Steel / Metals / Mining% of Magnesium content
% of silver content
% of zinc content
Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to batch attributes can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Batch attributes – Training | Microsoft Learn