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Batch sizes


Along with being able to create multiple formula versions for various sites, dates etc., it is also possible to create multiple versions for varying batch sizes (or formula sizes in D365). For example, you may have a specific formula to produce 100kg of an item, but a different set of ingredients (or different quantity ratios) if producing 1000kg of the same product.


The below screenshots show two examples of the same orange juice product. The first (Fig. 1) is for making in batches of 100 gallons and the second (Fig. 2) is for making in batches of 1000 gallons. You can see that the ratios are different for the raw materials and that you would consume more raw materials if you make 10 batches of 100 rather than 1 batch of 1000:


Fig. 2

Scalable formula

D365 also has the functionality to allow the formula size or ingredient quantities to be automatically re-calculated. If the Scalable option is checked, and the Formula size field or another scalable formula line quantity is modified, all scalable lines will adjust accordingly to maintain the current ratios. For example, if the M6008 ingredient in Fig. 3 below is amended to 900 and the Scalable option is checked, the other ingredient (M6009) and the formula size will adjust automatically to 675 and 1125 respectively (Fig.4).

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Please note: the Scalable feature is only available if all the item components in the formula are set to Variable consumption

Percentage-based formula

As an alternative to the Scalable option, it is also possible to set a percentage-based formula. This allows the formula lines to be set by a percentage value and any further changes to the formula size will result in the formula lines being updated by the same percentage ratio. As an example, the first screenshot (Fig.5) shows the Percent controlled flag and the Percent field being set, with the second screenshot (Fig. 6) showing the resulting quantities when the formula size is changed to 1500.

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Please note: When the Percent controlled flag is checked the Scalable flag is automatically set.