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Bill of materials/formula non stock items


In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, non-stock items can be included in a bill of materials/formula just like regular stock items. Including non-stock items in a BOM/formula allows you to account for all the components or materials required to manufacture a product, even if those items are not tracked as part of your inventory.

Non-stock items are typically items that you may use in production but are not kept in stock because they are either consumed quickly, not purchased frequently or are specific to a particular production run. Examples of non-stock items include certain adhesives, lubricants, custom-made components, or one-time-use items but can also include service items or general cleaning products.

When you include non-stock items in a BOM or formula, you can specify the item’s details, such as the item name, description, unit of measure, and other relevant information. The system will consider these non-stock items during the BOM/formula explosion process when breaking down the finished product into its individual components or raw materials.