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Consolidate multiple works orders


Various option settings exist in the wave templates and work templates to determine whether warehouse work should be created for individual work orders or consolidate the warehouse work for multiple orders. An example of warehouse work for multiple orders is shown below. This warehouse work has consolidated the material picking from two separate works orders.

Picking approval

When the works order is released to the warehouse, a wave is required to process the material requirements and produce the necessary warehouse work. It is typical for the wave to be created automatically. The processing of the wave creates the actual warehouse work and is often set to be automatic, but can also be set to manual allowing a production supervisor to review before proceeding and creating the warehouse work. These settings can be found in Warehouse management > Setup > Waves > Wave templates:

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to wave templates can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URLs below.

Wave templates – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn