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Restricted Products


Many businesses have the need to manage some level of product or inventory compliance in conjunction with various regulations or requirements. 

Restricted products are items with limitations on their sale, distribution, or use. These limitations can be due to legal restrictions, age restrictions, or other factors. Restricted products often require special handling and control to ensure they are only sold or used in accordance with the restrictions.

Examples of restricted products might include:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products, subject to age restrictions and licensing requirements.
  • Firearms and ammunition, regulated by laws governing their sale and use.
  • Certain medical equipment or prescription medications, which require special licenses for distribution.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management allows organisations to manage and control restricted products through features like age verification, license tracking, and inventory management to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

In contrast to regulated products, restricted products are presumed to always have a reporting requirements.

Dynamics 365 Setup

In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, restricted products are managed through established “Restriction lists” for countries and regions.

There are two types of lists – inclusive and exclusive. Inclusive type lists must be set up for a country before exclusive type lists may be set up for its regions.

These are setup in Stock management > Setup > Product compliance > Restricted products regional lists:

Once the restriction lists are set up, items or products may be added to these lists by clicking the Restricted products button.

Tip: a product may be added to multiple exclusion lists for the same country/region but for differing states. However, a product may not also exist in an inclusive list for the same country/region.

Once added to lists, the items or products are handled as restricted products, that is, if the item or product and an excluded region appear together on a sales order, an error message preventing the sale will appear:

Dynamics AX log error