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Hazardous material


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a set of useful tools that can help you manage hazardous materials in your inventory. These tools allow you to record and reference important product information, as well as design and print shipment documents that include relevant details about any hazardous materials that you’re shipping. However, it’s important to note that simply using these tools doesn’t guarantee full compliance with all applicable regulations in your country or region, although they are designed to help you comply with common regulations, they may not be sufficient on their own.

D365 Setup

The diagram below illustrates the steps needed to set up and use the hazardous materials feature.

As the above diagram shows, the two main areas involved with hazardous materials are setup via Product information management > Setup > Hazardous material shipping documentation, where all the material regulations, material codes, classifications and classes, transport requirements etc. are configured.

The released product is classified as a hazardous material by setting the Hazardous material flag to Yes in the Product information management > Products > Released products > Manage stock FastTab:

After the hazardous material regulation and related reference codes have been set, this information needs to be associated with the released products via:

The shipping text for shipping documents will be drawn from this hazardous materials information for the released items. When you create a sales order that includes an item that is classified as a hazardous material, the system generates hazardous material documentation for that sales order when it’s shipped.

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