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Batch and serial numbers


Batch numbers

Typically used to group items that are manufactured or received together in a single production run, lot, or shipment. This grouping is based on common characteristics such as manufacturing date, location, and raw materials.

Items within a batch are assumed to be identical or similar in terms of quality and characteristics. Batch numbers can be used for traceability in case of recalls or quality control issues.

Batch numbers are commonly used for products that are produced in large quantities, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals.

Serial numbers

Used to uniquely identify and track individual items. Each item has its own distinct serial number, and they are not assumed to be interchangeable.
Serial numbers are useful for tracking individual items for warranty purposes, service history, and customer-specific tracking.

Common uses would be for high-value items like electronics, vehicles, or equipment, where each unit is distinct and has its own identity.

D365 Setup

Setting up batch and serial numbers involves several steps and largely depends on the organisations requirements, but the general principles are as follows:

  • Ensure the tracking dimension group assigned to the released product includes the relevant options required for either batch, serial or both

  • Serial numbers can be automatically or manually created upon receipt. Manual is useful for when the supplier provides a serial number. This is configured via Stock management > Setup > Dimensions > Tracking number groups and the various options determine the format of the serial number and how and when the serial number is generated.
    • Serial numbers can be manually added on the fly by either entering on the purchase order line or during item arrival. Alternatively, the serial numbers can be manually created (in advance if required) via Stock management > Inquiries and reports > Tracking dimensions > Serial numbers

  • Batch numbers, on the other hand, cannot be manually typed upon product receipt. They either need to be created in advance via Stock management > Inquiries and reports > Tracking dimensions > Batches or have the system auto-generate.
  • Once the above have been configured, they are applied to the released product in the Manage stock > Batch number group and Serial number group fields.
Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to batch and serial numbers can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URLs below.

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