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Packaging material


Dynamics 365 includes functionality for managing packing materials and associated fees. This feature enables businesses to track and control the costs and quantities of packing materials used during the packing process.

Additionally, functionality to assign fees or costs associated with packing materials is also available. This allows businesses to factor in the expenses incurred for packaging when calculating the overall costs of their products or shipments. These fees can be configured based on the type or quantity of packing materials used, providing flexibility in capturing accurate costs and charging them on to the customer if required.

The packing material weights can also be printed on the invoice.


In order to calculate packing material weights, packing material fees, or both, the setting Calculate packing material fees in the General tab under Packing material section in Stock management > Setup > Stock and warehouse management parameters should be set to Yes.

  • In Stock management > Setup > Packing material > Packing material codes specify each type of packing material and its unit of measure that is used.

  •  In Stock management > Setup > Packing material > Packing material fees, a fee can be set up for each type of material as defined above. The fees would then be applied to the relevant material codes in Stock management > Setup > Packing material > Packing material codes.

  • In Stock management > Setup > Packing material > Packaging material allocation, the quantity of each type of packing material can be allocated to an individual item, all items or a packing group (see next bullet point).

The allocation can be for individual items (Table), all items (All) or for a specific packing group (Group):

When you open the allocation line it is possible to assign the packing material used for the specified packing unit:

Packing unit factor – Enter the conversion factor that is used to convert from the stock unit to the packing unit. (The conversion uses the formula Packing units = Item units × Packing unit factor.)

  • Optional: In Stock management > Setup > Packing material > Packing groups, packing groups can be set up which can be assigned to each released product in the manage stock fastTab as required. The packing material calculations and fees can then be calculated based on a packing group rather than individual items.
Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to packing materials and fees can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Packing materials and fees – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn