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Wave templates


A wave is a group or batch of work created to manage the movement and processing of materials within a warehouse, ultimately improving operational efficiency and resource utilisation.

Waves templates are created via Warehouse management > Setup > Waves > Wave templates and the settings determine whether the wave will be processed automatically or manually.

Switching off the above two settings denotes that the raw materials on the works order will be added to a wave and stock reserved, but the wave will need to be Processed on the Warehouse management > Outbound waves > Production waves > All production waves page to create the picking work.

Manual processing provides greater control and flexibility for users to review and adjust the wave contents, whereas leaving these settings switched on for automatic wave release offers a more hands-off approach with warehouse picking work being created automatically when the works order is released to the warehouse.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to wave templates can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Wave templates – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn