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Short picking


When picking stock in the warehouse, there may be a requirement to allow the work users to short pick on the mobile device. In other words, they have arrived at the directed location and the expected quantity is not present. In this instance, a Short pick button will be present on the mobile device allowing the work user to enter a short pick quantity.

As an example, the clip below shows a raw material picking that requested a quantity of 10. When the work user arrived at the location only 2 were available so the Short Pick button can be utilised.

After completing the short pick work, a work exception record is created in Warehouse management > Work > work exceptions log which shows the details of any orders, items and locations which have been picked short.

To make this process more useful, the Item reallocation functionality can be used. For items which have been short-picked, the Item allocation can either show a list of all other locations where the short item can be found and allows the work user to select a location (Manual item reallocation) or Dynamics 365 can use the location directives to determine where the work user should be directed to to pick the item (Automatic item reallocation).

You can set up the short picking work exception to do automatic, manual, or automatic and manual reallocation. These are the different options:

  • Automatic reallocation – The location directives for the related work order type and warehouse will be queried. If there is available on-hand quantity at another location, the work will be updated and the user will be directed to pick the remaining items from the new location.
  • Manual reallocation – A list with all the locations with unreserved quantity of that item will be displayed. The warehouse user can select one or more locations.
  • Automatic and manual reallocation – The system will first try to automatically reallocate the quantity and if this is not possible, the warehouse user will see a list of locations. The location directives will not be queried and any location with available on-hand quantity will be displayed in the list.

(Please note: the manual reallocation options above require the work user to have the Allow manual item reallocation set to Yes)

The Item Reallocation is set up in the Warehouse management > Setup > Work > Work exceptions page. This allows multiple short pick exception codes (which the work user can select from at the time of processing the short pick) to be created. Additionally, it is possible to specify against each exception code whether the short pick should trigger a cycle count or whether the stock should be automatically adjusted.


Automatic reallocation

In this example, the quantity required to be picked is 10 from location BULK-001. However, only 9 can be found at the location so the worker clicks the short pick button and enters a quantity of 9. As this is configured for automatic reallocation, the system looks for the same stock in other locations and directs the user to BULK-002 to pick the remaining quantity of 1.

Manual reallocation

In this example, the picking task involves retrieving 10 items from the BULK-006 location. However, the worker discovers only 9 items are available and, therefore, clicks the short pick button and enters the quantity of 9. Since the system is configured for manual reallocation, it searches for available stock in other locations and presents a list of options, such as a quantity of 1 in BULK-001 and a quantity of 25 in BULK-005. The worker then selects the BULK-001 location and scans the license plate associated with the item found there.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to setting up short picking item reallocation can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Set up short picking item reallocation – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn