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Warehouse work direction methods


Within Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile device > Mobile device menu items it is also possible to determine how the warehouse user will process the warehouse work that has been created via the Directed by field. Different types of warehouse work, e.g. production raw material picking, cycle counting, purchase order putaway, sales order picking, etc. can each have a different directed by value.

In addition, for each mobile device menu item, it is possible to specify the Work classes which determine the type of warehouse work that can be processed when the worker clicks on this menu item (in the screenshot below, only warehouse work for Raw material picking will be able to be processed using the Production pick mobile device menu item).

In other words, the warehouse work that will be applicable to work on and the order in which it is displayed will be dependent on the values selected in the Directed by and the Work class fields.

Some of the options available in the Directed by field are:

  • System directed – this option means that the system controls the type of work that is assigned to the worker and the order in which the worker performs the work. The sorting criteria can be set up on the Action Pane to open the System-directed sorting order 
  • User directed – with this option, the worker selects the work to perform and the order in which to perform it.
  • User grouping – this option is useful when a worker can pick multiple items at the same time in a location. The worker manually groups work, and then puts away the items after they have finished picking all the required items.
  • System grouping – the work is grouped for the worker based on a specified field. For example, picking work is grouped when a worker scans a shipment ID or load ID.
  • Cluster picking – the worker groups work into clusters, allowing them to pick items from a single location for multiple work orders at the same time.
  • Cycle count grouping – the worker selects a zone, work pool, or location, and Dynamics 365 assigns work based on the selection.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to mobile devices can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

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