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Stock statuses


The use of stock statuses are configured as part of the storage dimension group along with the site, warehouse, location, stock status and licence plate. In short, the stock status dimension is a way to indicate user-defined purposes for specific quantities of stock. This gives the capability to set aside stock sitting in the same physical location for two different purposes.

Each item or batch of items in stock can have a specific status associated with it, which reflects its availability, location, quality, and other relevant factors. Stock statuses can be categorized as available or unavailable, and you can use the Stock blocking parameter to prevent items from being used on a production order, sales order, transfer order, or outbound transaction.

Once the required stock statuses have been set up, they can be used as a default status for a site, warehouse and item. The default status can be changed on the mobile device or the purchase order, sales order or transfer order line.

Site (Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse setup > Sites)

Warehouse (Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse setup > Warehouses)

Item (Warehouse management > Setup > Inventory > Default item status)

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to stock statuses can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Inventory statuses – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn