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Fixed locations


Fixed locations refer to physical locations within a warehouse that are designated for storing specific items. These locations are fixed and predetermined, meaning that each item is assigned to a specific location and should always be stored in that location. Please note that a single item can have multiple fixed locations and multiple items can have the same fixed location.

Fixed locations can help optimise warehouse operations by reducing the time and effort required to find and retrieve items. When items are assigned to specific locations, workers can quickly locate them and fulfil orders more efficiently. Additionally, fixed locations can help ensure inventory accuracy, as workers can easily verify that each item is stored in its designated location.


Fixed locations are populated in Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse > Fixed locations. It is possible to define fixed locations per product or product variation (e.g. colour, size, style etc.).

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to fixed locations limits can be found on Microsoft Learn within the Configure warehouse management in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management learning path via the URL below.