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Location stocking limits


Location stocking limits can optionally be used to control the quantity capacity at warehouse locations without having to use the more advanced processes for volumetric calculations (location profile dimensions) of physical products.

The purpose of location stocking limits is to evaluate the maximum quantity that a location can contain and is therefore useful if the system will be deciding which location to use (known as directed put away in Dynamics 365)


Location stocking limits are entered in Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse > Location stocking limits. The feature can be set on any of three levels, each of which has its own tab on the Location stocking limits page:

  • Products – can specify the maximum quantity with quantity unit for each location (or location profile) or select to allow an unlimited quantity. It is also possible to specify for individual products.

  • Product variants – if product variants are being used it is possible to specify the maximum quantity for each variant. In the example below, the location can hold different quantities for the sizes S, M and L.

  • Container types – allows a maximum container quantity to be specified when using container functionality.

For each level, you can define different field values. Dynamics 365 will then evaluate the capacity of a specific location, based on the Quantity and Unit values for each row. It will select the most detailed matching record first. For example, a row that has a value in the Location profile ID field will be evaluated before a row that has a value only in the Warehouse field. The remaining capacity will also be evaluated, based on the Quantity value for the location stocking limit record that is used.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to location stocking limits can be found on Microsoft Learn within the Configure warehouse management in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management learning path via the URL below.

Configure the warehouse layout – Training | Microsoft Learn