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Dock management profiles


Dock management profiles can be set up to prevent the mixing of specific stock types at locations; such as preventing locations with mixed order numbers, or shipment ID’s.


The dock management profiles are configured via Warehouse Management> Setup > Warehouse > Dock management profiles. Against each profile, the Inventory types that should not be mixed field should be populated. For example, if Order number is selected, only the inventory from a single order can be stored at the location. Optionally, the Assume empty location for new wave check box can be selected – by enabling this setting, the system will automatically assign empty storage locations to new waves without explicitly checking the availability or occupancy of those locations. This can expedite the wave creation process, assuming there is an expectation or confidence that there are ample empty locations within the warehouse.

The dock management profile is assigned to a Location profile, which in turn is assigned to each individual location:

Location profile:


Learning with Microsoft

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