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Multiple order picking


When setting up the work templates, for raw materials for example, you can decide whether to allow multiple orders, multiple items, multiple locations etc. on a single piece of warehouse work or whether the work should be split so multiple workers can process the warehouse work.

The below is an example of warehouse work which has multiple locations, items and orders:

To make Dynamics 365 automatically split this work into multiple pieces of warehouse work, the Work header breaks can be specified on the work template:

The same warehouse work with the above configuration would give four separate pieces warehouse work; one for each item number and location combination.

To create a work header for each order number for example, select Edit query on the Action Pane, and then add the Order number field to the Sorting tab of the query editor. Fields that are added to the Sorting tab are available for selection as grouping fields within the work header breaks. To set your grouping fields, select Work header breaks on the Action Pane, and then, for each field that you want to use as a grouping field, select the check box in the Group by this field column.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to work templates can be found on Microsoft Learn via the URL below.

Control warehouse work by using work templates and location directives – Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn