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Stock counting


In Dynamics 365, you can perform both planned and ad hoc stock counts to ensure accurate stock levels in the warehouse.

Planned stock counts are typically scheduled in advance and are performed regularly, such as weekly or monthly. These counts can be created using the Cycle Counting functionality. Cycle counting allows you to define the frequency of stock counts for specific items, locations, or warehouses and Dynamics 365 will then automatically generate work for the stock counts based on the defined cycle count frequency. This allows for ongoing monitoring of inventory accuracy and helps to identify any discrepancies or issues.

Ad hoc stock counts, or spot counts, on the other hand, are unscheduled and are performed as needed. These counts can be initiated by creating a new stock count journal and selecting the items and locations to be counted, or using the mobile device configured for Spot cycle counting. Ad hoc counts are useful for identifying specific stock discrepancies or investigating issues that may have arisen in the warehouse.

Both planned and ad hoc stock counts involve the physical counting of stock in the warehouse and comparing the results to the recorded stock levels in the system. Any discrepancies found during the count are recorded in the system and can be investigated further to identify the root cause and take corrective action.