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Purchase registration


In Dynamics 365, purchase registration refers to the process of registering or recording the receipt of goods or services that have been ordered from a supplier. This process involves verifying the quantity, quality, and condition of the received goods against the details specified in the purchase order, along with any batch, serial numbers or expiry dates as required.

Both the mobile device and the standard D365 screens can be used for registering purchase order receipts, and the choice between the options depends on the organisation’s specific needs.

Mobile device

Using the mobile device can be beneficial for organisations with a large volume of receiving, as it allows workers to move throughout the warehouse while performing the receiving process. The mobile device also provides real-time updates to the system, which can be especially helpful for inventory management and tracking.

Arrival overview

The Arrival overview can be easier for workers who are less familiar with the system or for organisations with a lower volume of receiving. The arrival overview provides a summary of all the purchase orders awaiting receipt, allowing workers to quickly identify which orders need to be processed.

Purchase order screen

Alternatively, using the purchase order screen is useful when you need to see all the details of the purchase order and the items being received. You can easily navigate between the purchase order header and line details, and view the expected quantity and received quantity. The registration can be performed by clicking the Update line > Registration button. This method may be best for receiving a small number of items or if you need to validate the order details before receiving the items.