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Unit conversions


Out of the box, Dynamics 365 comes with the most commonly used set of units of measure. This includes any standard defined rules for converting between different units of measure. For example, 10mm = 1cm and 100cm = 1m. By having these unit conversions it is possible to purchase and sell the items in these alternative units (if required). These are known as standard conversions.

It is also possible and often required, to set up product-specific conversion rules. For example, An item may be purchased in pallets of 96, stocked in boxes of 12, and sold in eaches. If the units are of the same type ( in this case they are all of type ‘Quantity’) then these are known as Intra-class conversions:

If the units are of a different type (e.g. a ‘Quantity’ unit and a ‘Weight’ unit) then these are created as Inter-class conversions:

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to unit conversions can be found on Microsoft Learn within the Create products and product masters in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management learning path via the URL below.

Set up unit conversions – Training | Microsoft Learn