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Sales price maintenance


Sales prices can be held at various levels. The most basic price is held at the item level whereby the price is fixed regardless of, for example, the customer and/or quantity.

If a more complex sales pricing structure is required, for example, different prices per site and/or warehouse, per customer, prices based on quantity breaks, etc., trade agreements will need to be configured (trade agreements are covered under the Sales and marketing chapter).

However, to enable prices to be based on sites and warehouses, the storage dimension group determines whether the trade agreement will allow the entry of a site and/or warehouse. The example below means that a site and warehouse will be required on the trade agreement, and therefore different prices can apply to these storage dimensions.

Learning with Microsoft

Further information related to storage dimension groups can be found on Microsoft Learn within the Configure and work with Inventory Management in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management learning path via the URL below.

Configure storage dimensions – Training | Microsoft Learn