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Main Account Categories


Main Account Categories group together Main Accounts for high-level financial reporting.

Main Account Categories are used to support financial reporting and Key Performance Indicator calculation capabilities and act as summary level Income Statement (Revenue and Expense) and Balance Sheet (Asset, Liability, Equity) account categories to which individual main accounts are assigned. 

Microsoft provide standard embedded Power BI Content via the Financial Analysis workspaces to present Income Statement, Balance Sheet and KPI values based on a pre-defined set of main account categories. 

Note: Main Account Categories can be renamed, but not deleted – although new categories can be added. Editing the Main Account Categories can adversely impact the standard analytic reports

Default Main Account Categories

Main Account CategoryDescription
CASHEQUIVCash Equivalents
SHORTTERMINVESTShort-term investments
ARAccounts Receivable
NOTESRECNotes Receivables
WIPWork in Process
PREPAIDEXPPrepaid Expenses
OTHERCAOther Current Assets
LONGTERMINVESTLong-term investments
PPEProperty Plant and Equipment
ACCUDEPAccumulated Depreciation
INTANASSETIntangible Assets
APAccounts Payable
NOTESPAYNotes Payable
CURRENTMATLTDCurrent maturities on long-term debt
TAXPAYTaxes Payable
INTPAYInterest Payable
DIVPAYDividends Payable
LEASEPAYLeases Payable (Current)
OTHERCURLIAOther Current Liabilities
LONGTERMDEBTLong-term debt
RETEARNRetained Earnings
COMMONDIVCommon Dividends
PREFERREDDIVPreferred Dividends
SALERETDISSales Returns and Discounts
COGSCost of Goods Sold
SELLEXPSelling Expense
ADMINEXPAdministrative Expense
MANUEXPManufacturing Expense
TANDEEXPTravel and Entertainment Expenses
PROJEXPProject Operation Expense
SALARYEXPSalaries Expense
OTHEREMPEXPOther Employee Expenses
INTEXPInterest Expense
TAXEXPTax Expense
DEPREXPDepreciation Expense
INCTAXEXPIncome Tax Expense
OTHEREXPOther Expenses
OTHERINCOther Income
GAINLOSSASSETGain or loss on asset disposal
AMORTINTAGASSETAmortization of intangible assets
STATISTICALStatistical Accounts
SHAREFUNDShareholders Funds
NONCURLIABNon-Current Liabilities
CURLIABCurrent Liabilities
NONCURASSNon-Current Assets
CURASSCurrent Assets
TAXRECTax receivable
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