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Fixed Asset Locations

In Dynamics 365, fixed asset locations are used to track the physical locations of fixed assets within an organization. A fixed asset location represents a specific area within a building or facility where a fixed asset is located.

Fixed asset locations can be created and managed within the Dynamics 365 Finance module. Each location can be associated with one or more fixed assets, and the location information can be used for reporting and analysis purposes.

When setting up fixed asset locations, you can define various attributes such as the location code, name, address, and other details such as the capacity of the location. You can also define various depreciation methods, useful life, and other parameters specific to each fixed asset.

Fixed asset locations can be used in conjunction with other Dynamics 365 modules such as the Project management module, Inventory management module, and Purchase order module, allowing for a more integrated approach to asset tracking and management.

Overall, using fixed asset locations in Dynamics 365 allows organizations to have a better understanding of where their fixed assets are located, and to make more informed decisions about how those assets are being used and maintained.

Locations setup view in Dynamics 365

View of locations from within Asset record in Dynamics 365