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Fixed Asset Barcodes


In Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, fixed asset barcodes can be used to track and manage physical assets such as machinery, equipment, and furniture. Barcoding fixed assets can improve inventory accuracy, speed up physical asset counts, and reduce errors in data entry.

To use fixed asset barcodes in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you need to set up barcodes for your fixed assets. This can be done by assigning a unique barcode to each fixed asset in your system. You can then use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode on each asset to quickly update the asset’s location, status, and other relevant information.

Once you have set up fixed asset barcodes, you can use them to perform a variety of tasks in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. For example, you can use barcodes to:

  • Perform physical inventory counts of fixed assets
  • Track the movement of fixed assets between locations
  • Record maintenance and repair activities for fixed assets
  • Depreciate fixed assets over time
  • View detailed information about each fixed asset, including its purchase date, current value, and depreciation history.

Overall, fixed asset barcodes can help streamline the management of physical assets in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, making it easier to keep track of valuable equipment and other assets throughout their lifecycle.

Example Barcode report