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Expenses Management Reimbursement

Dynamics 365 Expenses Management functionality records and reports all employee expenses incurred on behalf of the company. Re-imbursement of expenses can be processed via multiple methods, including through the supplier ledger (employees setup as suppliers), through payroll or automated company credit card processing.

Supplier Ledger

Using this method, the employee would be setup as a Supplier in the Purchase Ledger module.

Example Supplier List form in the Purchase Ledger. The account highlighted in an employee expense account
These are key fields to identify that the supplier account is an employee expense account

The unique supplier group of “Employee Expenses” allows a supplier payment proposal to be run in the Purchase Ledger just for expenses.


This allows expenses to be included in a General Ledger payroll journal entry manually or via excel upload

Credit Card

Employees with company credit cards can upload the credit card statement and match against registered expenses.