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GYDE365-Design Content Chapter: Project Management and Accounting

About Project Management and Accounting

The project management and accounting functionality can be used across an array of industries to provide a service, produce a product, or achieve a result. There are a variety of project types available for configuration in order for businesses to meet the necessary requirements. The project management and accounting module provides the tools for planning and execution of project tasks with the necessary financial capabilities.

Project Management and Accounting Sections

Survey sections are found within each chapter and segment the chapter into manageable topics. This enables end users to review the topics prior to taking the survey to gauge an understanding of the types of question content that will follow. This ensures the correct business user is assigned to answer questions.

Questions are found within each section to ask end users business specific questions to enable the build of a functional Dynamics 365 system. Questions can be assigned to specific users to answer. GYDE365 provides questions within the template as standard, however partners can also build their own questions.

Sections include;

  • Overview
  • Setup
  • Resource Management
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Timesheet Entry
  • Expenses Journals
  • Billing and other project transactions
  • Parameters
  • Reporting and business documents

Project Management and Accounting appears in the below Survey Templates