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Product Information Management Reporting


Reports exist to provide a visualisation of a structured data set. Dynamics 365 offers several tools to produce reports to satisfy complex business requirements that exist as standard on deployment of an environment. Reports are commonly utilised to;

  • Monitor key performance metrics and identify trends in data
  • Navigate the system through filtered searches
  • Create and archive transactional documents as part of the posting process
  • Distributing documents to customers and employees
  • Extracting data to demonstrate clearly the health of a business

Reports exist in different formats. Examples include;

  • Excel Integration
  • Embedded BI
  • SSRS Report
  • Power BI
  • Management Reporter

Each format of reporting aligns with a typical business requirement. Reports can be exported and shared.

Stock Management Report Catalogue

The reports available as standard within Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing are as follows.

APQC Framework

Please find below the relevant PCF ID’s.

Level 1 Category: 10216

Level 2 Process Group: 10277

Level 3 Process: 10285, 10286, 10280, 10300