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Deploying Dynamics – South Africa Azure Geography


Deploying D365 to South Africa only allows for deployment to the South Africa North Region.

Geographical Availability

Production environment – One production instance is provided per tenant. The production multi-box instance includes disaster recovery and high availability. It will be provisioned when the implementation approaches the Operate phase, after the required activities in the Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) methodology and a successful go-live assessment are completed. Additionally, some file storage and database storage are included in the offer:

  • File storage: Every customer receives a certain amount of file/Azure blob cloud storage for files and binary data. Additional file/blob storage can be purchased.
  • Database storage: Every subscription includes a certain amount of Azure SQL Database storage per customer at no additional charge. Additional storage capacity is provided at no charge as an organization increases the number of user and device service licenses. 

Product Availability by Azure Region

The following products are available in the region specified above:

  • Power Platform / Business Applications
    • Power Apps
  • Power Platform / Business Automation
    • Power Automate
  • Power Platform / Business Intelligence
    • Power BI
    • Power BI Embedded

Deployment Best Practices

Any additional Sandbox/UAT (Tier 2+) environments and any additional Demo/Development/Build instances should be deployed to the same Azure Geography and Region.

Useful Links

To review additional Product Availability by Geography and Region additional information can be found here:

Product Availability by Geography | Dynamics 365 (