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BACS File Format Design


The Electronic Reporting (ER) framework has been designed to deliver a no code solution to enable your IT department to design the layout of the BACS File.

ER Configuration

Method of Payment Configuration

Each Method of Payment can be associated with a ER Export configuration. In this example the Electronic Method of Payment is associated with the BACS (UK) Export format configuration.

ER Format Designer – CSV File Format

  • Add new fields to the layout e.g Date, Integer, Real, String
  • Add new datasources to the layout
  • Remove fields not being used
  • Define Custom delimeter’s sch as comma, pipe etc
  • Move fields up and down as require
  • Specify minimum and maximum field lengths
ER Format Mapping – CSV File Format

The Mapping functionality allows the user to

  • Map a field in the file to a field in a datasource. Examples of this include mapping the supplier’s bank sort code and supplier’s bank account number to the desired datasource field so the data appears in the file.
  • Define user defined functions, for example concenate two pieces of data into one field in the file
  • Bind/UnBind existing fields to datasource fields
  • Define blank fields in the file
  • Hardcode string fields that always have the same value