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Marketing Campaigns


Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are an organised course of actions that are conducted to promote a product or service. They can exist in the form of many media types such as email, television and radio adverts and are tailored by a business based on the target customer.

Marketing Campaign Types

Marketing campaigns can take the form of many media types in order to best meet the needs of the target market. Examples of marketing campaign types are email, social media, postal and telemarketing. A business may opt to pursue certain campaign types or invest solely in a single campaign strategy.

Marketing Campaign Steps

Each campaign type as detailed above, is formed of many steps that when conducted consecutively help execute the marketing strategy. Once the campaign type is chosen, the steps can be defined. For example, for a postal campaign, the steps may be followed as;

  1. Campaign brainstorming
  2. Campaign idea sign off
  3. Campaign creation
  4. Campaign launch
  5. Campaign review
  6. Campaign close
  7. Campaign review

By identifying the stages within a campaign, a business can allocate resources cost-effectively and execute to a pre-defined time scale to increase success.


The purpose of a marketing campaign is to draw attention and drive interaction with a business to achieve a series of business objectives such as increased brand awareness or drive sales over a specific time frame.


Marketing campaigns are run by businesses of different types to achieve unique outcomes. Businesses with a strong brand image are often those with strong marketing campaigns such as Nike Sports which promotes their slogan “Just do it” via multiple media types and Kit Kat chocolate bars which are widely recognised for their slogan “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” that they publicise via many media forms. Other businesses are recognised through their catchy radio songs or for promoting celebrity endorsements within their media campaigns. Once the media type is determined for a marketing campaign, the business can determine the key process steps from concept to launch.

In Dynamics 365

Upon identifying their campaigns, a business can input this into Dynamics 365 by inputting campaign types. This includes a list of all potential campaign types the business may choose to run. Once they have been setup, they underpin the campaign management functionality in the system. It is rare this list has to be changed aside from adding new records if appropriate.

Once campaign types are entered, campaigns can be created and process steps outlined.

Process steps can be defined for each stage and the responsibilities assigned.

All campaigns can then be managed throughout their lifecycle.