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Sales Ledger Business Documents


Business Documents are reports and documents that your business sends to your customers. Some examples of these are Free Text Invoices, Sales Invoices, Dunning/Collection Letters and Customer Account Statements.

All reports in the application are generated using the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) engine with the exception of Business Documents which can either be generated by SSRS or by using Electronic Reporting (ER).

By default, the SSRS engine is used to output Business Documents, however, the ER framework is recommended as the preferred engine for Business Documents.

Configuring Business Documents in the ER Framework has the following advantages:

  1. User Configuration from within the UI (User Interface) allows each report to be output as a Word, Excel or PDF Document.
  2. Your IT Team can be responsible for taking ownership of customising any of the Business Documents using familiar tools such as Word and Excel. No F&SCM development experience is required.
  3. Customisation of any report(s) can be easily exported from one environment to another environment by exporting and importing an XML file of the customisation, therefore, a code release of the changes is NOT required.

Business Document Examples

The standard Business Document layouts are shown below:

Free Text Invoice

Sales Invoice

Sales Order Confirmation

Customer Account Statement
Customer Collection/Dunning Letter
Business Document Reporting Destinations

A Business Document Report is available to select as the Report Format after it has been published to the ER Configuration. The example below shows the Free Text Invoice:

ER has it’s own Reporting Destination configuration where Business Documents can be configured to be:

  • Emailed
  • Sent to the Print Archive
  • Saved to a file
  • Rendered to screen
  • Sent to Power BI

Additionally, ER formats for Excel and Word can be automatically converted to PDF by enabling the “Convert to PDF” functionality through Feature Management

Once enabled the Office document can be automatically converted to PDF if the field is ticked.