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Consolidations – Multiple Financial Calendars

Consolidate Online

Dynamics 365 Finance consolidations supports consolidations where subsidiary and group consolidation companies operate different financial calendars as standard.

Dynamics 365 Finance does not store and maintain general ledger balances, but aggregates transactions to provide balances, based on defined dimension sets, on demand, presenting balances aligned to the financial calendar of the company that the inquiry or report is for.

The Consolidate [Online] process references GL voucher transactions in the specified source companies, based on the date range specified at run time and create GL voucher transactions in the destination consolidation company, with individual transactions created based on a unique date, main account and dimension value aggregation.

Consolidation transactions i.e. the GL voucher transactions created by the consolidate online process will then be presented by any inquiries e.g. trial balance or reports in the consolidation company based on the financial calendar of that company

Financial Reporter

Financial Reporter also fully supports the creation of consolidated financial statements for companies with differing financial calendars

The key points when creating a report definition for a consolidated financial statement when different fiscal periods exist across legal entities are as follows:

  1. Create a column definition, and use the period and year to map the appropriate periods for each company.
  2. Use a reporting unit restriction in the column definition to assign each company to the appropriate column.

Tip: When you are designing the column definition for multiple companies with different fiscal periods, it is important to consider which company will be assigned to the Company name field in the report definition. This is the company that will be used as the base fiscal calendar for the report definition.

The screenshot below shows an example column definition for a consolidated financial statement that shows different period settings for company USMF (Base) and DEMF (Base-6).

This has the effect that should the report be generated where company specified in the associated report definition had a financial calendar that runs Jan 1st to Dec 31st and one of the companies specified in the column definition (DEMF) had a financial calendar that runs May 1st to April 30th and the report was being run for November, then that would be Period 11 (Base) for company USMF and Period 7 (Base-4) for company DEMF.