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GYDE365-Design : Procurement Summary


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management empowers business users to control supply chain information and business processes with accurate insights and information, at any time. This level of control available across all integrated business areas empowers businesses to drive efficiencies and eradicate risks. The Procurement and Sourcing module enables the procure-to-pay process and works closely alongside the purchase ledger functionality to support the purchasing of goods or services from suppliers, invoices receipt and payment. The module is separated down into easy to consume sections that can be adjusted based on your requirements.


Review the information below to understand how the GYDE365-Design application is structured. This will allow users to navigate and complete the application content with ease and maximise the value of the Solution Design Output.

GYDE365-Design Survey

GYDE365-Design is built to empower users with an easy-to-navigate survey structure that identifies key requirements to influence a gold standard Dynamics 365 implementation.

The application is built using a hierarchical structure whereby each template consists of chapters, sections and questions. Prior to answering the questions, investing the time to review the help content available is invaluable to gaining the most out of the application.