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Development Environments

Development Environments


For development environments, there are two deployment options:

  • Cloud-hosted – The environments are managed by the customer/partner in a customer/partner Azure subscription.
  • Environment image (downloadable VHD) – The environments are hosted on-premises.

It’s essential to note that you must allocate one development environment per developer.

Cloud-hosted vs Environment Image

The recommendation is to opt for Cloud-hosted environments.

The table below compares the deployment options:

CapabilityCloud-hostedEnvironment image
Public URLYesNot supported
Integration DevelopmentYesExtra setup is required. (For example, run the admin user provisioning tool.)
Azure DevOpsYesExtra setup is required. (For example, rename the computer.)
Applying deployable packages from LCSAutomatedCommand line runbooks (AxUpdateInstaller.exe tool)
Deploying data packages from LCSYesNot supported
MaintenanceManaged by customer/partnerManaged by the customer/partner
Cost modelPay as you go (If the environment is on for eight hours, you pay for eight hours.). Cost is based on selected Virtual Machine size, disk size and settings, and premium storage settingsHardware-related
LimitationsNone. You have full control over VM specs, disk size and storage settings. You have administrator access to the VM.None