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Confirming PO Codes: Capturing Static Text on Purchase Orders


Parameter settings are core settings that control the fundamental operations within a module. Some parameters are configured on deployment of an environment, others require manual configuration dependent upon business requirements and others exist with no requirement to be anything other than blank.

Capturing Static Notes on Purchase Orders

Confirming PO Codes enable users to outline numerous codes that include free text. These codes can be selected on purchase orders to pull through the related static text onto purchase documentation.

Often used for categorising unplanned purchases.

As standard, purchase order confirmation documents only include static details regarding the purchase of the items. There is often a requirement to print static text dependent upon a circumstance. For example, including business specific buyer details, or assigning a PO as “Emergency”. Please outline any groups of static text you wish to include on purchase orders. The code will be selected by the order inputter if required, and the necessary text will then pull through to the PO confirmation document that will be exchanged with suppliers.

Example One – A purchase order without a confirming PO code

Example Two – A user can assign a pre-defined code to a purchase order confirmation document prior to printing. The text defined in the confirming PO code will appear as static text at the bottom of the purchase order confirmation document that will be shared with the supplier.