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Purchase Order Changes Post Invoicing


Parameter settings are core settings that control the fundamental operations within a module. Some parameters are configured on deployment of an environment, others require manual configuration dependent upon business requirements and others exist with no requirement to be anything other than blank.

Changing Purchase Orders Post Invoicing

Purchase orders proceed through several statuses that indicate the progress of the order. The statuses are;

  • Open order – Orders have been created, and quantities are on order.
  • Received – Some of the quantities have been received, but they haven’t been invoiced yet.
  • Invoiced – The full quantity on the order has been invoiced. Note: If an order has been partially invoiced, neither Received status nor Invoiced status is appropriate. Therefore, the order will still have a status of Open order.
  • Cancelled – An order was confirmed but later cancelled. Therefore, this status indicates that there are no longer any open quantities on order.

After an order is invoiced, changes can be made by an organisation to the purchase order freely, with warning or such changes can be blocked. GYDE365 do not advise allowing changes to invoiced purchase orders. Instead, changes can be referenced in a new purchase order to ensure transactions and financial postings remain correct.

Define whether you will accept changes to invoiced purchase orders freely, with warning or not at all.